High-Resolution Contact Tracing With its very accurate time-of-flight distance measurement combined with ultra-low power consumption, Ultra-Wideband is the ideal technology adapted to contract-tracing and social distancing. UWB consistently delivers sub 10cm accuracy and is already helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 today in multiple different ways. Over half of our membership is engaged in creating wearable products which provide contact-tracing systems for work, office and industrial settings.

“Find My Stuff” Applications UWB’s precise location abilities are enabling a new generation of apps to rapidly locate and find objects around your home. Lost your keys? Now you will be able to find them rapidly in by using UWB.

Enabling a new generation of Passive Keyless Entry Delivering ultra-secure access to vehicles, homes, offices and factories, these systems detect which door to open, and from which side the smartphone or key fob is approaching.
The newly released 4z standard also delivers a new class of consumer safety and security. An important feature was added in the physical layer (PHY) called scrambled timestamp sequence (STS). This approach employs both random number generation and cryptographic techniques to protect the integrity of the timestamp data within the exchanged packets. These timestamps are used to measure the precise distance that the two objects are away from one another.
Manipulation of the timestamp data could potentially make the distance calculated to appear to be closer or further away. The STS technique makes it tremendously difficult for any 3rd party to intercept and/or change the timestamp data sent over the UWB channel.
When deployed in UWB keyless entry devices (smartphones, key-fobs or wearables) accurate timestamp data is critical to detection of a relay attack. The new security layers provided in the .4z standard make such attacks nearly impossible.

AR and VR Positional Awareness
and Communication
Precision indoor UWB location is fuelling a new generation of applications in AR and VR allowing simultaneous position data combined with highly-secure communications.

One day wandering the isles searching for your favourite shopping items will be a thing of the past thanks to UWB.

Secure Payment Solutions New standards for UWB Secure Payment are being engineered now to enable the next generation of smart payment solutions based on IEEE 802.15.4z. The inclusion of scrambled timestamp sequence (STS) in .4z is helping ensure that critical information like the validation distance to the payment terminal is held safe and secure and cannot be intercepted or manipulated.

tracking image RTLS for Industrial Process Optimization Knowing precisely where all your tools are in real time on a complex production line allows production flows to be optimized saving time and money. Production tools like torque wrenches and other tools can also be automatically calibrated on-the-fly for each production step ensuring sequential processes and eliminating the risk of errors.

Deployment of UWB provides cost savings which benefit companies and consumers. UWB is enabling Industry 4.0 transformation of businesses into highly efficient and streamlined operations. 

RTLS for Healthcare Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) improve patient flow by proving real time location transparency. It saves medical staff time by providing visibility on important medical equipment. This improves the overall quality of care and treatment capacity of hospitals.

radar image Radar UWB radar offers unique possibilities to remotely measure heartrate and respiration without any device contact.

These systems are being deployed in a new class of smart buildings for contactless presence detection, baby-monitors, medical applications as well as senior citizen fall-detection.

Sensing The precision and accuracy of UWB is saving lives in multiple industry verticals where millimetre accuracy enables precise obstruction detection, trajectory estimation and collision avoidance.

In industrial environments such as mining, sheet metal handling as well as folk-lift truck usage, UWB can provide an important part of the overall safety ecosystem.

location image RTLS for Agriculture Real-time livestock health monitoring provides continuous information on animal health, allowing early detection of sickness. This allows much lower quantities of anti-biotics to be used on a daily basis, resulting in healthier animals and lower levels of anti-biotics in the food chain.