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The Ultra Wide Band Alliance: Who We Are

The mission of the UWB Alliance is to be the voice of the manufacturers committed to establishing ultra wideband (UWB) technology as a significant open standards industry. With millions of installed devices globally, UWB warrants protection and coexistence with other radio technologies. The UWB Alliance seeks to foster growth through end-to-end and vendor agnostic interoperability programs that provide location, navigation, tracking, security, imaging, and communication to IoT and Industry 4.0 applications, across multiple disciplines.

What Sets Us Apart

The UWB Alliance is committed to working with stakeholders from all sectors – industry, government, advocacy groups and consumers – to help safeguard consumer and manufacturing use of UWB technologies. In doing so, we are the only organization that engages in active advocacy on behalf of the UWB industry.

Our Goals

• Developing interoperability based on standards such as IEEE 802.15.4 by defining upper levels and profiles.

• Protecting and developing coexistence strategies for UWB bands with new evolving radio regulations.

• Promoting the expansion of UWB regulatory rules in current and additional geographies based on current rule sets (e.g.,


Our Vision

• Lead industry growth based on global standards.

• Advocate industry’s position with national and international regulatory bodies for spectrum allocation and also improving the utility of UWB.

• Provide a forum for coordinated action. Collective voice is louder that a single company alone.

Advocacy, Education & Open Standards

To achieve our goal, the UWB Alliance is working with policy makers and spectrum regulators to explore new ways to protect and promote the UWB industry. With them, we will address issues with competing technologies and standards, help lay out a roadmap to interoperability, and lay the groundwork to educate consumers and implementers of the value of a robust UWB ecosystem. The UWB Alliance is also spearheading a comprehensive outreach campaign to open a meaningful dialogue with government administrators, health care technology professionals, law enforcement and first responders, and industry experts to reinforce the positive message of how best practices and the open standards surrounding UWB can benefit every consumer and citizen.

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