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The Ultra Wide Band Alliance: Who We Are

With the expansion of UWB into consumer electronics, hundreds of millions of UWB devices are now being manufactured each year. There is a clearly defined market momentum towards the deployment of billions of UWB devices annually by 2025. UWB technology warrants a favourable regulatory and spectrum management landscape to multiply its further growth and adoption.

The UWB Alliance mission includes pushing for new advantageous rulemaking in the upcoming ruleset reviews in the U.S. and Europe in order to expand the use cases for UWB technology. We are also advocating the granting of more UWB spectrum in Europe.

At the same time, we have ongoing involvement and commitment to build multi-radio co-existence solutions. We evangelise diversity for the expanding wireless Multiverse and work with members and stakeholders to provide thought leadership on strategies to ‘make it all work together.’

What Sets Us Apart

The UWB Alliance is committed to working with stakeholders from all sectors – industry, government, advocacy groups and consumers – to help grow consumer, automotive and industrial use of UWB technologies. In doing so, we are the only organization that engages in active global advocacy on behalf of the entire UWB industry.

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Our Mission

  • Proactive role shaping U.S. and International UWB rulemaking and spectrum management
  • Develop technical strategies for UWB coexistence to make it ‘all work together’
  • UWB Center of Excellence
    • Guidance on Band selection and international applicability
    • Develop and advocate UWB market research and data
    • Communication, Resource, and Education
  • Promote interoperability based international standards such as IEEE 802.15.4z

Advocacy, Education & Open Standards

To achieve our goal, the UWB Alliance is working with policy makers, spectrum regulators and license holders to explore new ways to promote the UWB industry. With them, we address issues with other complementary technologies and standards, helping to lay out a roadmap to coexistence and interoperability. The UWB Alliance is also working with government administrators, COVID-19 Task Force members, healthcare technology professionals, fixed service license holders and industry experts to reinforce the positive message of how UWB can benefit every consumer and citizen.