UWB Alliance members work together to support social distancing in work environments

With its very accurate time-of-flight distance measurement combined with ultra-low power consumption, Ultra-Wideband is the ideal technology to support contract-tracing and social distancing particularly in work, office and factory environments.

UWB consistently delivers up to 10cm accuracy and is already helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 today in multiple different ways.
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Latest News:  We would like to thank all our Members for their contributions to produce our latest submission to the FCC.

We outline how Ultra-wideband has evolved to become a mainstream technology and respond to the questions asked by the FCC in the 6 GHz FNPRM.

What we do

The mission of the UWB Alliance is to be the voice of the designers and manufacturers committed to establishing ultra wideband (UWB) technology as a significant open standards industry.

With millions of installed devices globally, UWB warrants protection and coexistence with other radio technologies. The UWB Alliance seeks to foster growth through end-to-end and vendor agnostic interoperability programs.

Scope and Goals

Regulatory Focus

The UWB Alliance takes a proactive position to influence regulatory matters in our mission to:

  • Protect and develop coexistence strategies for UWB bands with new evolving radio regulations (e.g. 6 GHz)
  • Increase the utility of UWB globally through the expansion and adoption of UWB Standards worldwide (Emission levels, outdoor use)
  • Allocation of new spectrum (e.g. >95 GHz)
  • Influence country/regional regulation bodies to reach a world-wide UWB regulatory solution

Standards Focus

Working together with our members, we chair, orchestrate and promote end-to-end vendor agnostic interoperability built upon current and newly-emerging standards such as IEEE 802.15.4z in our mission to:

  • Establish Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology as a significant open standards industry
  • Promote 802.15.4 and other standards based UWB technologies
  • Define and propose interoperability profiles through multiple industry use cases
  • Define testing methodology for interoperability
  • Develop relationships to provide recommended test facilities

Advocate UWB Technology

As part of our mission, we advocate UWB technology and use cases to:

  • Promote verticals showing the value of UWB for IoT and Industry 4.0
  • Build a global ecosystem across the complete UWB value chain, from the silicon to the service



Current Board Team

Tim Harrington


Dag Wisland

Board Member

Luc Darmon

Board Member

Kelli Emerick

Board Member

Executive Team

Tim Harrington

Executive Director, Chairman IEEE 802.15.4z, Vice Chairman ETSI TGUWB, Tech Editor IEEE 802.15.4f, TE of ISO 24730-61

Kelli Emerick

Operations Director, Experienced technology policy advocate with association management expertise

Ben Rolfe

Chief Technology Officer and Comptroller, Vice Chairman IEEE 802.15.4z, Treasurer IEEE 802.15, Executive Committee Member IEEE 802, TE of multiple versions of 802.15

Marc-Anthony Signorino

General Counsel, Executive V.P. at 121 Strategies

Rich Foster

VP Business Development, European & International Business Development, Sales, Marketing

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