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December 1st 2021, Tim Harrington, Chairman of UWB Alliance discussed upper mid-band (6 GHz) Commercialization at the Wireless Innovation Forum

As part of the recently announced FCC Rulemaking, 850 MHz of spectrum has been made available for standard power unlicensed uses that will be under the control of an Automatic Frequency Coordination (AFC) system.

In the panel discussion, speakers addressed what else would it take to fully commercialize this spectrum, and discussed what other factors must be addressed on the road to commercial availability.

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October 12th 2021, Tim Harrington, Chairman of UWB Alliance talks with other key panelists on the universal need for Spectrum Sharing at ASMC

With modern technologies continuing to advance the ‘squeeze’ on spectrum is showing no sign of letting up.

Today there is a greater emphasis than ever before on using sharing to evolve and maximise efficiency through co-existence. This is demonstrated in the US by President Biden requesting $39 million be made available in his fiscal budget for 2022 to “…support the development and deployment of broadband and 5G technologies by identifying innovative approaches to spectrum sharing.”

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August 5th 2021, UWB Alliance Supports European Regulatory Vision

Significant progress was made in the world of ultra-wideband (UWB) technology in Europe in August with the release of results from the Public Consultation of ECC Report 327, which contains sharing and compatibility studies in preparation for an update of the UWB Rulesets in Europe.

“The industry-wide support received from UWB partners boosts the accelerating adoption of ultra-wideband in the consumer market and paves the way for many new innovative UWB use cases,” commented Tim Harrington, UWB Alliance Chairman. The UWB Alliance has worked in concert with ETSI, national administrations, liaison partners and top consumer electronic companies around the globe and continues to assist in the process.

UWB Alliance supports European Vision to expand UWB (Web)


June 24th 2021 “Ultra-Wideband Enabling New Efficient Possibilities for Multi-Radio Consumer Devices”

Since the release of the iPhone 11 in 2019, UWB has evolved into a Mass-Market Consumer Technology now incorporated into many of the latest models from the largest Smartphone Vendors.

In this session we look at the transformational role Ultra-Wideband is playing in Multi-Radio Ecosystems. We discuss the trend towards mixing UWB with other complimentary radio technologies (such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and GPS) and how this opens many new possibilities for greater Spectral Efficiency and Band Re-use.

In the wake of the Smart-Tag releases from many of the same vendors in April this year, we also investigate the growing importance of UWB for GPS augmentation and look at how these devices going to transform our lives in the future.

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June 21st 2021, “Technology and Policy Tools to Increase Spectrum Efficiency – what does the future hold?”

Spectrum is of course a finite resource and is hugely sought after. The majority of bands have generally already been allocated, and with the shift to 5G and next generation services, demand and usage is only going to increase.

Ben Rolfe, Chief Technical Officer at UWB Alliance joins other Panel Members to present UWB as a key tool for better spectrum efficiency, reducing duty cycles and lost packets for other complementary technologies.

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March 31st 2021, RTLS Analytics and Digital Transformation specialist Pinmicro joins the UWB Alliance

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January 20th 2021, UWB Alliance and omlox kick-off collaboration to promote UWB technology

UWBA and omlox Formalize Liaison


January 6th 2021, UWB Rail-Guidance System to Go Global with UWB Alliance Consulting Service

Humatics’ solution pinpoints trail location for the MTA in New York City and now may be expanded into Europe and Asia, with support from a new service that guides technology companies with standards and regulations worldwide.
RFiD Journal Article by Claire Swedberg


December 14th 2020, STMicroelectronics joins the UWB Alliance as a Promoter Class Member, accepting a seat on the Board of Directors

STMicroelectronics UWBA Joint Press Release_Dec_14_Web


December 3rd 2020, UWB Alliance Launches New Service Offering with Industry-Leading Microlocation Pioneer Humatics as First Customer

UWBA Rolls out new services with New Member Humatics


November 5th 2020, The world’s largest PC manufacturer, Lenovo launches ThinkPad X1 Nano laptop with UWB sensor from NOVELDA.

Novelda Lenovo Launch or Watch the video of how it works


October 15th 2020, Wiser joins UWB Alliance



October 15th 2020, Tim Harrington, Chairman at the UWB Alliance presents at ASMC on the Future shape of the 6GHz band

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September 23rd 2020, Speaking to RFiD Journal about the recent launch of the IEEE 802.15.4z standard, Tim Harrington UWB Alliance Chairman talks about how 4z is contributing to fuel mass market deployment of UWB technology in smartphones and wearables as well as automotive access

RFiD Interview


August 25th 2020, IEEE 802.15.4z Standard Launched!

IEEE 802.15.4z Launch Web


June 30th 2020, UWB Alliance and FiRa Consortium Announce a Formal Liaison

UWB Alliance and FiRa Consortium Announce a Formal Liaison


September 14th 2019, CNET – Apple built UWB into the iPhone 11. Here’s what you need to know

Apple built UWB into the iPhone 11


RFiD Journal – UWB Alliance Aims for Interoperability



EE Times Bluetooth waits for profiles, UWB gears up for smartphones

Location Finds Bluetooth, UWB _ EE Times


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UWB Alliance Announcement Press Release


EE Times Article

Alliance Rallies UWB for Location Services _ EE Times


Fierce Wireless Article

UWB Alliance to focus on interoperability