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July 27th 2020, The UWB Alliance takes positions at the FCC on submissions from other Corporations and Organisations on the subject of Wi-Fi at 6 GHz. Click the link below to discover now how we are working with the FCC to advocate strategies for UWB coexistence:

UWBA FCC 6 GHz FNPRM-ReplyComments


June 29th 2020, The UWB Alliance outlines how Ultra-wideband has evolved to become a mainstream technology and responds to the questions asked by the FCC in the 6 GHz FNPRM:

UWBA Comments FCC 6GHz FNPRM June 29 2020 final Updated


April 13th 2020, The UWB Alliance predicts estimated market size for ultra-wideband devices will exceed 240 Billion Dollars by 2022:

UWBA Comments on FCC 6 GHz RO April 14 2020 FINAL


March 5th 2020, the UWB Alliance submits a 6 GHz sharing proposal to the FCC with suggestions on how co-existence in the band could be achieved for Wi-Fi, UWB and Licensed Incumbents:

UWBA FCC Ex Parte March 5 2020


Click the link below to see a selection of the Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Alliance Filings at the FCC:

Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Alliance Filings at the FCC


May 2, 2019, Ultra Wide Band Alliance (“UWB Alliance”) Executive Director Tim Harrington and Ira Renfrew (iRobot), met with Aaron Goldberger, Acting Wireless and International Advisor for Chairman Pai, to discuss the NPRM proceeding:

UWB Alliance FCC 6 GHz Ex Parte May 2019 (FINAL)


April 8, 2019 As part of the NPRM Coexistence Action Process, Our Executive Director, Tim Harrington visited the FCC in Washington DC to present to Commissioners Staff, they Presented to William Davenport, Umair Javed, and Erin McGrath:

UWB Alliance FCC ExParte Letter Apr08 2019 (FINAL)

Bosch Petition

In an interesting turn, on the 18th June 2019 Bosch filed a petition with the FCC for a new rulemaking that proposed a comprehensive review of the FCC rules governing UWB devices (Part 15, Subpart F). The Rulemaking would normalize current waivers and encourage the utilization of existing standards to promote coexistence in the 6 GHz band. The UWB Alliance filed its own comments in support of the Bosch petition, and those can be found on the links below:


and our reply comments:

UWB Alliance Reply Comments Bosch Petition 09032019

Click below to see all of the filings for the Bosch Petition to update the UWB Rules in the USA.

Filings for the Bosch Petition to update the UWB Rules in the USA